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Factory work force grows to over 120 workers and a new building is constructed to house the new manufacturing to make laminated, sanded GFK fins, sanded G10 fins and RTM molded fins.

With the fin business going well and realizing that the company needs to expand into other areas, Super Surf Ltd decides to buy up the "Magma" brand of carbon bike from "M1 Sporttechnik", Germany V a Super Surf Ltd supplier making "Mistral" brand windsurfing equipment.  M1 spent 3 years designing a carbon monocoque mountain bike in Germany only to find the bike too expensive to be manufactured in Germany, and so, wished to sell the project.  JinLi buys the brand including all design rights, production machinery, molds and technology.

The production line is setup in its factory and begins to get involved with high tech manufacturing using prepreg carbon and prepreg glass materials to make hollow monocoque structures.

Over the next few years it pushes forward with advanced composites manufacturing techniques using all the latest materials in composites V sandwich construction, honeycomb structures and helping its clients to design and develop new products in composites. There are a few notable projects that helped clients to create new niches in the mass market with composites designs in their area.

1995 Work begins with a motorized paraglider company, Daiichi Kosho (Japan) with brand "Ultra Profile", to develop a new closed molded carbon propeller blade for its engines and helps them with 3 generations of designs to advance blade performance. This is the first time a carbon propeller had been produced with a mass production technique in large quantities. Within a year, we started to help UP to design and prototype a new Trike V a 3 wheel vehicle design that houses the engine and rider for motorized paragliding take off, riding and landing