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1990¡¦s  continued ¡K

We start developing a carbon / composite snowboard binding with "Flow" snowboarding equipment.  Again, this project is from the ¡¥ground up¡¦, assisting with the design and conversion from Flow's aluminum products into composites.  With fast mold making, prototyping and in-house testing we are able to develop and reach all preset development targets for 2 years, enabling the client to quickly build up their reputation and create demand.  Flow's business has been doubling every year since the composites line was developed.

We further develop the Magma bicycle line by introducing in-house, the FS (full suspension) mountain bike model.  The bike is exhibited at Composites ¡¥97 (Orlando, Florida), a show run by the Composites Fabricator¡¦s Association, USA, and wins the "Best of Show Award" for the Awards for Composites Excellence competition, marking our high capabilities in technical innovation, composites design and excellence in finishing.

We designed and introduced the "Hip Hop" line of bikes.  The new design enables us to manufacture a lower cost high performance Hybrid and MTB models, with many built-in composites characteristics, benefiting bike performance and look, while at the same time simplifying the manufacturing process.  The 3 years of ¡¥Magma experience¡¦ has gone into the design concept for this line.  For the first time, a true 'composite bike' is born.

Additionally, we start a hollow honeycomb monocoque windsurf board project with "Airinside", Switzerland, that successfully produces the lightest weight windsurf board in the world.

1998 also sees the company begin a project in cooperation with "Neil Pryde Ltd" to develop carbon booms for the windsurfing market.  This relationship continues to today.

We completed the second stage of factory expansion increasing manufacturing space and workers living quarters by 150%, with a total manufacturing space of 2500 sq. m. and living quarters of 1900 sq. m. on its 6 acres site.

A new pulwinding machine is commissioned for the new building enabling us to enter to the pultrusion composites market.  New CNC milling and lathe machines, plus a laser scanning machine are installed.