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The new millennium brings even more challenges and new ventures as we began projects with different industry partners and brands. Notably, a European "super custom" car maker. We start manufacturing autoclaved parts for their car V bucket seats, roll bars, body panels etcK and increasingly more parts of the car are commissioned for us to produce.

We start making snowboard binding parts with market leader "Burton Snowboard".

"Wipika", the market leading brand in the new sport of kite sailing, utilizes our sail / surf board making experience and technology, to manufacture kite boards and wake boards for them. Another co-operation and mass-production is begun on a new line of custom design "AB+ brand" sailboards for Anders Bringdal, a world-class competitor and Liberty Trading, a leading top-end windsurfing distributor in Japan.

Many new composite kitebar designs are developed and mass production begun for industry leading brands "Naish", "Wipika", "RRD" and more. Different models of  carbon  / composite hi-back snowboard bindings are developed and mass produced for industry leader "Burton".

Another large expansion! A new factory is purpose built to mass produce ever increasing quantities of sailboards. Work began with windsurfing brand AB+ and Drops - both are specialized windsurfing brands. We go "online" when our new website is launched.

We started making various products in more areas as daily utensils in carbon, more car parts, Kiteboards, waterskis in various discipline, wakeboards, surfboards and robot arms. Construction of a new state of the art factory about 4 times the size of the present factory began and is ready to be moved in at the beginning of 2004.

We start moving into the new facilities, first with the carbon sandwich canoe, then part of the windsurf board production and start making boats with Hydrolift from Norway.  Molds for the car body of the YES car ( ) formally approved. Work had started with Rieter Engineering of Germany that makes world class race cars.  The rest of the year will see rapid growth in all different areas K